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Roky Moon and BOLT! West Coast Tour Kickoff

Have you got your Golden Ticket?

Friday, April 8th at the Mink - doors at 9pm Golden Tickets are $6, limited strictly to 125 and are available PRE-SALE ONLY (no walk-up admissions will be permitted the night of the show) at Cactus Music, Sig’s Lagoon, Vinyl Junkie, Sound Exchange and the Mink. 20 tickets are specified as ALL AGES, but once they’re gone, the rest of the tickets are 21+ (hurry, kiddies!) Tickets go on sale today at 1pm. Roughly 1 in 4 tickets are randomly marked and redeemable for prizes such as limited edition t-shirts (available only at this show and provided by Caught In Customs clothing), artwork, and “refreshments” from the bar. The line-up is Poor Pilate, Jim and the Toms, Springfield Riots (reunion) and Roky Moon and BOLT! We’re going to be incorporating a lot of surprises into our set that we don’t wanna give away, but we want to stress that these are one-time only things and if people miss it at this show, they’ll probably end up lying to their friends years down the line and will claim to have seen it. ;)

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