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Cactus Music In-Store Performance

A family emergency has sprung up for Pete Tijerina, our new bass player, in light of a serious (albeit successful) procedure his father recently required. He’s had to do some last minute traveling to be with his family, and all of our thoughts and support are with him.

But fear not, music fans …. Though our musical performance must be postponed, the rest of Roky Moon and BOLT! will still be on-hand from 3p-4p for a listen of our new record American Honey, to answer any questions you might have about anything, and to share some tasty brews from Saint Arnold. So we’ll see you there to talk some rock and roll, and we’ll let everyone know when you can find us making music again …. Until then, rock hard, Houston.

I can’t count the number of times that these bags full of balloons freaked us out while we prepared the Mink for the kickoff show.


One of these days Texassss we’ll mess with you again

Ha! Welcome to Texas, boys … I see you met Jeoaf Johnson …

Roky Moon and BOLT! West Coast Tour Kickoff

Have you got your Golden Ticket?

Friday, April 8th at the Mink - doors at 9pm Golden Tickets are $6, limited strictly to 125 and are available PRE-SALE ONLY (no walk-up admissions will be permitted the night of the show) at Cactus Music, Sig’s Lagoon, Vinyl Junkie, Sound Exchange and the Mink. 20 tickets are specified as ALL AGES, but once they’re gone, the rest of the tickets are 21+ (hurry, kiddies!) Tickets go on sale today at 1pm. Roughly 1 in 4 tickets are randomly marked and redeemable for prizes such as limited edition t-shirts (available only at this show and provided by Caught In Customs clothing), artwork, and “refreshments” from the bar. The line-up is Poor Pilate, Jim and the Toms, Springfield Riots (reunion) and Roky Moon and BOLT! We’re going to be incorporating a lot of surprises into our set that we don’t wanna give away, but we want to stress that these are one-time only things and if people miss it at this show, they’ll probably end up lying to their friends years down the line and will claim to have seen it. ;)

Studio A, at lovely Sugarhill Studios. A full record knocked out in a day, not to mention enough footage and photos shot to fill a mini documentary and a couple of music videos. What a day, and what wonderful people to have spent it with.

Pre-show Decision Making

  • Roky:

    . . . think you could scoop me for the fitz show?

  • Aaron:

    I have my gear + marcos, so maybe not after all .... Any other options?

  • Roky:


  • Aaron:

    Eggcellent ..... Also, I think 'maybe' should be spelled 'maby'

  • Roky:


  • Aaron:

    It's faster .... And it looks like it sounds exactly the same

  • Roky:


She’s back … We’ve been through some shit, we’re both still scarred and healing, but we’re back together. Now we need to stretch our legs …. Knock some dust off a bit. When you see us tonight at Fitzgerald’s, you’re gonna see us get down like you never have before.

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